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Kami Beaulieu Supervisor Award

This award, named in honor of Kameron “Kami” Beaulieu, recognizes exemplary clinical supervision by an SLP in our Oregon community. Nominators must be current or recent graduate students, and must have been supervised by the nominee in the past year. Nominations will be reviewed by the OSHA Student Representatives across the state. Annually, at the OSHA Fall Conference, one award will be presented from each of three Oregon universities (Pacific University, Portland State University, and University of Oregon). Awardees will receive one year of OSHA membership and a registration waiver for the following year’s OSHA Conference

Deadline to nominate is September 1, 2023.


nominate a SUPERVISOR 

In honor of Kameron Beaulieu

Kami served in Oregon for almost 20 years as an Assistant Professor at OHSU. She was a joyful and skilled clinician who was a leader, teacher, and served as the Membership Chair on the OSHA board. She made it her mission to dedicate her career to training and shaping the next generation of SLPs. She was passionate about getting to know and understand each of her students. Kami demonstrated her ability to be a cheerleader of students with a full on “YOU CAN DO THIS!!!” attitude. She loved doing the “good work” of being an SLP and shared this love with all who joined her on the journey.

We chose to propose this award in order to honor the memory of Kami, her dedication to supervision, and her legacy in the Oregon SLP community. As an organization, we value this work, and so we wanted to acknowledge her contributions with this award. We recognized that the lifecycle of being a student, receiving clinical training from supervisors, then serving as a clinician and a future supervisor represents the lifecycle of who we are as professionals in OSHA.

This award would represent an acknowledgement and celebration of the efforts put forward by SLPs in our community that support the training of Oregon students. It would be given to given to SLPs in our community that supervise students, and provides an opportunity to acknowledge SLPs who provide outstanding supervision and mentorship of the next generation of SLPs

Kameron Beaulieu pictured with her beloved Great Dane, Linus. 

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