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Note: The research/survey requests listed on the OSHA website are not endorsed, affiliated with, or vetted by OSHA. They are provided for the reader to investigate and participate in at their will. To submit a request to post your research read this instruction letter, email the required information to and an OSHA representative will let you know if additional information is needed. 

Title: Timing Introduction of Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children with Down syndrome”

Our research team is working towards creating guidelines and/or resources for families to help guide providers with recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods for infants and young children with Down syndrome (DS). We are interested in getting input from clinicians who work with infants and young children with Down syndrome who support feeding progression, to help determine what factors and skills clinicians across the United States are using to determine recommendations for the introduction of complementary foods for infants and children with DS.

We know that children with Down syndrome are at risk of feeding difficulties due to medical comorbidities and associated developmental delays, yet there are limited published standards to guide families with feeding progression. Previous research has concluded that peer-reviewed published guidelines on feeding progression for children with DS are needed, including considerations for determining when skill and interest converge to signal safe introduction of complementary foods. The purpose of the study is to examine SLPs, OTPs, and PTs perspectives on the health concerns caused by climate change and whether they are implementing strategies into their practice. 


Requirements: Any clinician whose professional role includes supporting feeding progression for infants and young children with Down syndrome.

CONTACT: Erin Cochran, MA, OTR/L, Oregon Health & Science University 

OHSU IRB (STUDY00026721). Date of Expiration: June 1, 2024

Title: SLP Survey on SLP Services for People Living with Dementia in Skilled Nursing Facilities


The goal of this research is to capture the unique impact of SLPs working in skilled nursing facilities and understand the factors that go into our clinical decision-making.

The survey asks questions about clinician perspectives, demographics, practice patterns, and facility characteristics. The online survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and can be done at the respondents’ convenience over multiple days.

Participants who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of 20 $100 Amazon gift cards.


 Currently, we are recruiting SLPs who:

·       Received their SLP degree in the US

·       Are currently or were recently employed (on or after 2018) in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or nursing home in the US

·       Have ≥3 months post-graduation professional experience in SNFs or nursing homes in the US

Get Involved: Interested participants can complete a screening form ( or email the study (

Contact: Cait Brown, PhD(c), CCC-SLP, University of Washington

The University of Washington IRB has given this study exempt status under ID STUDY00019289.

Date of Expiration: August 20, 2024

Title:  Voice of the Providers on Wireless Technology Survey

We are with the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. The "Voice of the Providers on Wireless Technology Survey” aims to understand therapy and assistive technology providers' experience delivering interventions that incorporate clients' use of mainstream technology (MT), like smartphones, smart home tech, and wearables into interventions. If you qualify for this research, you'll complete a 15–30-minute online survey covering demographic information, experience with MT interventions, barriers, facilitators, and education needs. 

Requirements: Actively practicing occupational, physical, or speech therapists or assistants, audiologists, assistive technology professionals, vocational rehabilitation counselors, or other health or social service providers in the U.S. 

Survey Link:  

CONTACT: Megan Griffin Research Assistant, University of Pittsburgh School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences  Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology   

IRB STUDY23030057, Date of Expiration: September 30 2024 Date of Expiration: September 30 2024 

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