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Performance-Based and Patient-Reported Assessment of Aphasia for Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Outcome Measurement

  • 04 Nov 2016
  • Portland State University

Speech-language pathologists who provide services to persons with aphasia have an ever-increasing number of options when it comes to assessment tools. This one-day workshop has three primary goals, all related to themes of assessment and measurement in clinical aphasiology. First, the presentation will describe a selection of instruments and approaches that current evidence suggests are useful in guiding decisions about diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes in clinical practice with persons with aphasia. Second, the workshop will also include an accessible and clinically-oriented introduction to item response theory. This statistical framework, recently imported to rehabilitation healthcare from the field of education, forms the basis for much of the current work on patient-reported outcomes, and is beginning to influence other kinds of clinical assessment as well. Third, the presentation will provide an overview of trends in healthcare policy that have led to increased interest in patient-reported outcomes, and discuss the ongoing activities of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Ad Hoc Committee on Patient-Reported Outcomes as one aspect of ASHA’s response to these trends. Presenter: Will Hula, Pittsburg VA
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