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Nominate a Colleague for an OSHA Award!

  • 29 May 2015
  • 25 Aug 2015
  • Salem, Oregon


Nominate a Colleague for an OSHA Award!

Any member or non-member of the association may submit a nomination for OSHA awards. All nominees for OSHA awards must be members of OSHA with the exception of agencies or organizations recognized with Honors of the Association or Distinguished Service. Nominations should not be made known to the nominee prior to their selection. With exception to the student scholarship and President’s award, to be elected, the nominee must have participated in the profession for no less than five years and have made an outstanding contribution as defined by the award for which they are nominated. No member may participate as sponsor and/or cosponsor for more than one nominee in any calendar year. All submissions will be reviewed and determined by an affirmative vote of four members of the Nomination and Honors Committee comprised of regional representatives, past honorees and past presidents of the association.

Please submit nomination on a typed, single spaced document not to exceed one cover sheet, two pages plus three letters of co-sponsorship of the nomination by members of the association.

    1. Title of the award for which the nomination is made
    2. Nominee Information: name, professional title, affiliation and mailing address
    3. Individual Submitting Nomination: name, title, address, daytime phone, fax, email address

    1. A description of the nominee’s specific professional contributions or attributes for which s/he is being nominated. Include a statement of the impact and significance of these skills or activities as they related to the award. Segments of this description may be read during the awards presentation.
    2. Include a resume of the educational and professional activities of the nominee (if available). Hint: contact a close family member such as a spouse.
    3. Nominations for Honors of the Association must include a brief biographical introduction of the nominee, summarizing his or her educational and career activities. Again, segments of this may be read at the awards ceremony.

    1. Attach THREE letters of co-sponsorship of the nomination from speech-language pathologists, audiologists, speech-language pathology assistants, educators of the deaf/HOH or related professionals. Up to two additional letters of support of the nomination by non-members may be included. These letters may include a statement of support from a beneficiary of services (or his or her parent), when appropriate.
Submit the completed nomination packet to the Chair of the Nominations and Honors Committee: Lauretta Manning, 7720 SW Macadam Avenue, #23, Portland, OR  97219 or via email:

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